A blockchain micro-credential course for business professionals


Outcome goals for students

Course structure

Module 1 The language of blockchain

Learnings from Module 1

  • The key terms and concepts that are part of the blockchain world;
  • The socio-economic context and why the world is shifting towards blockchain solutions; and
  • The significant benefits of blockchain and that it is still an evolving technology.

Module 2 The types of blockchains

Learnings from Module 2

  • There are many blockchains in the world of different types;
  • The distinction between public and private blockchains and their key differences;
  • Three key blockchains in use today: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger;
  • Consensus protocols, such as proof of work (PoW), proof of stake (PoS) and byzantine fault tolerance (BFT);
  • Trends in how blockchains are evolving their consensus protocols.

Module 3 The business of blockchain

Learnings from Module 3

  • How industry is transforming in a graduated manner to blockchain-based solutions as people begin to understand how to design and implement solutions based on the value inherent in blockchain solutions;
  • Examples of successful blockchain solutions across many industry domains;
  • Issues involved in the tokenisation of digital assets as outcomes from blockchain solutions;
  • How ‘big’ blockchain is; that is, you can create an entirely new economy and bring competitors into a supply chain as collaborators; and
  • The challenges still being addressed in global blockchain solutions.

Module 4 The money of blockchain

Learnings from Module 4

  • Gaining an appreciation of the possibilities of blockchain for creating global economies and new business models due to the different types of tokens that blockchain can enable;
  • Gaining an understanding of different types of tokens, their purpose and the different roles they can play in a blockchain economy;
  • Examining industry Use cases (scenarios) that use various types of tokens;
  • Familiarity with DEXs (Digital Exchanges) and their significance; and
  • Gaining experience in buying and selling tokens.

Module 5 Blockchain and the law

Learnings from Module 5

  • The spectrum of legal issues that blockchains, their tokens, smart contracts and other innovations generate
  • Ethical implications of whether blockchains and smart contracts are or should be legally binding
  • How regulators are trending regarding blockchain regulatory frameworks, roadmaps and regulatory sandboxes
  • Real-world current examples of regulatory frameworks and roadmaps.

Module 6 Blockchain collaboration and governance

Learnings from Module 6





Blockchain educator and consultant

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susan dart blockchain

susan dart blockchain

Blockchain educator and consultant

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